Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked by our banner exchange members. If you are unable to find an answer to your question regarding our banner exchange service please feel free to contact us.

  • Q. Can I have more than one account ?
  • A. No, accounts are limited to one per person.

  • Q. How can I earn credits ?
  • A. To earn credits simply add our banner exchange code to your site. You will earn 1 credit for ever valid impression. Members can also earn banner exchange credits by promoting their splash page as well as a one time referral bonus of 10000 banner exchange credits for every new member they Referer to the banner exchange.

  • Q. How long have I got to activate my account ?
  • A. members have a maximum 3 days to activate their accounts. Please note, after 3 days accounts that have not been activated will be deleted automatically without any further notice.

  • Q. Can I earn money Here ?
  • A. Yes, members earn commission on any purchases made by their direct referrals.

  • Q. How much do I need before I can request cash out ?
  • A. Members must have an account balance of no less than $5. We make payments via the following paymemt processors only : PayPal and Solid Trust Pay.

  • Q. Can I display adult orientated banners ?
  • A. No, we are a family friendly site. No banners of an adult nature will be approved.

  • Q. Can I purchase banner credits ?
  • A. Yes, we have a variety of credit packages that will keep your banners in rotation even if you are not sending traffic to the exchange or referring new members.

  • Q. What is the banner exchange ratio ?
  • A. We operate a 1:1 banner exchange where you will earn 1 banner exchange credit for showing another members banner on your site. You can then use your banner exchange credits to advertise your banners at a rate of 1 credit per impression.

  • Q. What sized banners can I advertise ?
  • A. We run a 468x60 banner exchange. Your banners must be no larger than 468 pixels wide and no more than 60 pixels high.

  • Q. What file types are allowed ?
  • A. You can advertise standard web image formats such as gif, jpg & png. File types other than the before mentioned will not be approved for rotation on the exchange.

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